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Medical team 

We offer specialized medical care. We have two specialist doctors with extensive experience in the world of geriatrics who offer continuous and personalized attention to each of our residents. 

Consulta médica

Nursing team 

The nursing team is in charge of preparing the cures and care necessary for the comfort and health of the residents; in addition to monitoring their well-being on a daily basis. We have a nursing office in the center where residents can go whenever they want.


Physiotherapy is key in the prevention of physical and mental deterioration since we not only provide functional therapy for muscles and joints, but our physiotherapist also develops physical and recreational activities that involve all residents.

We have a gym in the center with pulleys, weights, an exercise bike, electrostimulation devices and other tools for the maintenance and physical improvement of residents

Paciente con Asistencia sanitaria
Verduras frescas en cesta

Home cooking 

On a daily basis and in four shifts (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) our kitchen team prepares homemade food in the center with local suppliers. This menu is prepared by an interdisciplinary team that involves medical personnel, obtaining a diet adapted to the needs of each resident, taking into account each of the particularities that may exist.

occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is described as that discipline that aims to maintain or improve the functional autonomy of the resident in several areas, including: adaptation of the environment to the person, cognitive stimulation to improve attention, memory and social skills, etc.

After breakfast and even before lunch, our residents are in the hands of our qualified occupational therapy staff who manage their time and the activities to be carried out to get the most out of it.

Haciendo un crucigrama
En el trabajo

Social work

The social worker performs fundamental tasks such as: negotiations with the administrations in the interest of the resident, writing social reports and promoting the integration and participation of the residents in the life of the center.

Undoubtedly, to maintain the resident's autonomy in society, the social worker is the best ally to defend their interests and rights.

Asociación San Lázaro has received aid from the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund for the installation of electricity generation for self-consumption, based on the use of renewable energies, within the Program for the sustainable energy development of Andalusia in the period 2017-2020, which aims to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable economy.

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